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> A) They all suck.  There is nothing that compares to 
> Premiere, nor what you
> can do with it.  B) the RENDERING in Shrek was done on a 
> Linsucks (sounds just
> as childish, think I'll keep it) farm.  The majority of the 
> creating was done 
> on Windows boxen.

Dude, you just make up sh*t as you go don't you?  I have the interview
with me right here.  Let me quote Andy Hendrickson, Director of Research
and Development for Industrial Ligh & Magic: "Linux is increasing the
quality of our work, not the quantity".  "The old system is so slow that
firing lasers appear to be throwing javelins.  We've seen a five times
speed improvement with Linux.  I'd say Linux is one of the most
efforts we've had.  I can't say enough good things about it."  "We've
over quite a bit of our plant here to Linux - half of our desktops and
about 30% of our renderfarm is now Linux".  The other half of their
are SGI's and NOT WINDOWS.  So stop making up sh*t to try and prove a
Sometimes it is better to keep your mouth shut and have people think
an idiot, then to open your mouth and remove all doubts.
Oh, and the RENDERING was done on a Linux and SGI farm.  While 3-D
particles were
done on Maya quote: "We have, I'd say, 90% of our Maya users on Linux."
The other 10%
are on SGI.  Another quote: "Our compositing software, CompTime has been
to Linux." Before Linux it was on an SGI.  The animators use SOFTIMAGE
compositing on Linux.  Prior it was on IRIX.  I don't know where you get
lies that "the majority of the creating was done on Windows boxen."
is just a big fat lie you made up.

> >> Burning cd's is a piece of cake on Linux.  
> That was a typo.  Should have been burning DVDs.  There is 
> the beginning of a project to write software, but it's
> completely useless at  the moment, and there's nothing
> to author them with as yet.  You can burn data, sometimes,
> with the right drive and disk, and the right confluence of 
> sun and moon.  But, not video.

Again, your just making up sh*t.  There has been a fork of cdrtools
called dvdrtools to handle dvd-rw/dvd-r writing.

> Yes, I meant to mention that was one of my favorite features. 
> Another would be  the almost perfect printer install wizard.
> I say almost perfect because it detects all the printers on
> my network, and correctly identifies them.  It just won't install

I just had Mandrake 9 detect dozens of printers on my network here at 
work and it installed every one I tried.  It installed a color laser
Tektronic, a three HP 4050 lasers and a Lexmark Optra E312 laser.

> You'll be getting calls from your family members wondering why this
> tar.gz file isn't being installed by RPM.  Or, my personal favorite,
> "You need X installed to install this package."  "Uh, I just
> installed it using RPM!"

To me that is better then, I got another virus Jim.  Can you come and
fix my computer?  Or I always get this blue screen Jim, can you come
and fix it for us?

> -T

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