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> Hmmmm..I seem to remember saying there was one.  I also said it
> sucked, which doesn't change the fact that you found what I already
> said existed.  It doesn't work, I've tried it.
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I guess you faild to read any of the VERY SIMPLE howto's on the page.
DVD-R is pretty new, and the fact that most/all DVD makers only care
about making drivers for windows, I think the Linux communtity has
done a great job in getting dvd-r's to work.  And the best thing
the Linux communtiy has is time.  Every day there are thousand of
hackers closing the gap between windows and linux.  It will only
be a little time until dvd-r is MORE stable and just as feature
full as on windows.  Burning DVD's on windows is not something
an average home user can do either.  It will be the more technically
savy user that would burn DVD's under windows.  And that same user
would have the knowledge to do it under Linux.

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