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Robert Ian Smit robian at wanadoo.nl
Thu Oct 3 11:44:46 PDT 2002

* Tony Karakashian <tonyk at rochestermidland.com> [03-10-2002 16:51]:
> >> emotional or political reasons for using Linux. 
> I'm fully aware of that, but I have a business to run, and don't
> have that luxury.
I have no problem with that idea. However do you force your workers
to also use Windows both at home and at work?

I am sure Office for instance can have benefits in some situations,
but I refuse to install that product so I can communicate with
people who have never thought any further than "works for me".

> I would agree that there hasn't been any real competition in a very 
> long time.  (Desqview/X anyone?)

I hope lawmakers will change that by either going after Microsoft or
insist on alternatives that at least have open specifications or
data formats.

If Microsoft played a bit nicer, this wouldn't be needed, but alas.

> >> Have you ever tried asking a group of people who
> >> have written with green pens for a considerable time to write with
> >> blue pens?
> You're comparing Apples to Macs. :)  The blue pens do the same things
> as the green pens, they just do it slightly differently.  

[Example snipped]

My point exactly.

I won't call you a troll as of yet. I respect that you have a
business to run and do it as how you see fit.

Could you clarify your position on the so called lock-in effect of
using Microsoft solutions? Does it worry you? If those issues don't
concern you in any way, there is no point in talking about this
subject. At best we could then agree to disagree.

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