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Tony Karakashian tonyk at rochestermidland.com
Thu Oct 3 12:17:04 PDT 2002

>> I have no problem with that idea. However do you force your workers
>> to also use Windows both at home and at work?

Nope, in fact we go to great pains to ensure that our systems work 
for people at home regardless of what they use. 

>> Could you clarify your position on the so called lock-in effect of
>> using Microsoft solutions? 

I'm not sure what you mean.  I'm not locked into anything, as long as
there's some alternative.  That's why I've currently got a Mandrake 
box under my desk, and a Mac at home.  I'm testing to see if there's
an alternative to continuing to Windows, if necessary.  I always keep
an eye out on what "the others" are doing, because I know MS' "hold" 
on the market could be loosened at any time.  Hell, I even used
OpenOffice exclusively on my machine here for 2 months.  For the most
part, it was as good as Office 2000, however, as I stated in earlier
posts, I can't leave it because of Oracle systems.  It is also SLOO
OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW.  10 second to open a file in Word, 1 
minute to open the same file in OO.  That adds up to a lot of lost
productivity over a few hundred users/day.  Macs are out, solely on
their cost.  I would easily put in OSX in here tomorrow, if we could
afford paying 3-4X as much for a box.

>> Does it worry you? 

Does it worry me that MS could be pulled off the market at any time
and I'd be "locked in" to their stuff?  No, because it would never
happen that way.  However, if it did, I'd adapt.  No big whoop.  I'm
not locked into anything.  I use Linux, I like Linux, I ADVOCATE
Linux to guys in suits.  I just said I can't use it as a full-time
desktop yet.  Mandrake 9 is about 90% there.  That's a huge leap
forward from even 8.2 which I would put at about 60-70%.  Add in
The Codeweaver's Crossover, and you gain about another 7%.  That's
what I'm testing right now: can we use Mandrake/Codeweaver's to 
provide our users with what they need? The answer happens to be
no as yet, primarily because some of the features that don't work,
we heavily use (as an example, in Outlook, the delegation of 
authority doesn't work.  We use that extensively with our salesforce/
sales assistants.).  There are also tax programs we have to use
because we're a chemical manufacturing house, that don't work in 
Wine.  However, next year (2004), I would be willing to bet I could 
move in a few boxes, no problem.

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