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Dylan dylan at dylan.me.uk
Thu Oct 3 13:24:07 PDT 2002

On Thursday 03 October 2002 20:17, you wrote:
> >> I have no problem with that idea. However do you force your workers
> >> to also use Windows both at home and at work?
> Nope, in fact we go to great pains to ensure that our systems work
> for people at home regardless of what they use.
> >> Could you clarify your position on the so called lock-in effect of
> >> using Microsoft solutions?
> I'm not sure what you mean.  I'm not locked into anything, as long as
> there's some alternative.  That's why I've currently got a Mandrake
> box under my desk, and a Mac at home.  I'm testing to see if there's
> an alternative to continuing to Windows, if necessary.

If *necessary*? How about *if-at-all-possible*!

>  I always keep
> an eye out on what "the others" are doing, because I know MS' "hold"
> on the market could be loosened at any time.

Really? you think so? More likely they'll do their best to tighten it...

>  Hell, I even used
> OpenOffice exclusively on my machine here for 2 months.  For the most
> part, it was as good as Office 2000, however, as I stated in earlier
> posts, I can't leave it because of Oracle systems.  It is also SLOO
> OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW.  10 second to open a file in Word, 1
> minute to open the same file in OO.  That adds up to a lot of lost
> productivity over a few hundred users/day.  Macs are out, solely on
> their cost.  I would easily put in OSX in here tomorrow, if we could
> afford paying 3-4X as much for a box.

For someone who counts the man-hours of file opening, the financial 
attractions of Linux (et al) should be more than persuasive. 

> >> Does it worry you?
> Does it worry me that MS could be pulled off the market at any time
> and I'd be "locked in" to their stuff?  No, because it would never
> happen that way.  However, if it did, I'd adapt.  No big whoop.  I'm
> not locked into anything.  I use Linux, I like Linux, I ADVOCATE
> Linux to guys in suits.  I just said I can't use it as a full-time
> desktop yet.  Mandrake 9 is about 90% there.  That's a huge leap
> forward from even 8.2 which I would put at about 60-70%.  Add in
> The Codeweaver's Crossover, and you gain about another 7%.  That's
> what I'm testing right now: can we use Mandrake/Codeweaver's to
> provide our users with what they need? The answer happens to be
> no as yet, primarily because some of the features that don't work,
> we heavily use (as an example, in Outlook, the delegation of
> authority doesn't work.  We use that extensively with our salesforce/
> sales assistants.).  There are also tax programs we have to use
> because we're a chemical manufacturing house, that don't work in
> Wine.  However, next year (2004), 

My god! is it 2003 already? Or should you qualify you dating...?

>I would be willing to bet I could
> move in a few boxes, no problem.
> -T

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