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Robert Ian Smit robian at wanadoo.nl
Thu Oct 3 13:53:31 PDT 2002

* Tony Karakashian <tonyk at rochestermidland.com> [03-10-2002 21:34]:
> Nope, in fact we go to great pains to ensure that our systems work 
> for people at home regardless of what they use. 

That's very good to hear.

> >> Could you clarify your position on the so called lock-in effect of
> >> using Microsoft solutions? 
> I'm not sure what you mean.  I'm not locked into anything, as long as
> there's some alternative.  

Notice I didn't put the blame on Microsoft exclusively. Most people
never think about anything when they (try to) use their computer.
Because of the market effect of all these people spending lots of
money on hardware and software, some companies will, out of
incompetence or because of legal arrangements, never support
anything else than the current version of Windows. 

Lock-in occurs when for whatever reason you start using a product
and you can not switch easily to something else.

When you use Windows you have to be very careful not to get locked
in. Some of it is because of "the features", I am sure, but most of
it is just plain ridiculous.

>From what you tell me, this won't happen to you. But consider a
normal user who bought a certain device that only works under say
Win98. Or who started using Word that came preloaded on his machine.
With every passing day, it gets more difficult for him to switch.

I am not really interested in whether Microsoft has used illegal
means to get to this point. I just want to see it changed and I
don't care how it's done. Either by improved competition,
politics, lawsuits or an act of God.

I can make a backup of everything that is currently in /home and
take it to just about any system in the world and go on with my
stuff. Why, after all these years of innovation, is this not
possible with a Microsoft OS?

> I use Linux, I like Linux, I ADVOCATE  Linux to guys in suits.  I
> just said I can't use it as a full-time desktop yet.  Mandrake 9
> is about 90% there. 

It will never be exactly like the desktop you currently use.
Personally I don't see the importance of all the desktop related
development of late. Some of it is nice and eventually it will be
great. However the make or break kind of attitude with regards to
the Linux desktop is lost on me. 

I think a change of mindset is all that is needed. People will need
to deal with other frustrations than the ones they have learned to
love and hate.

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