Upgrade question

Tony Karakashian tonyk at rochestermidland.com
Thu Oct 3 17:09:13 PDT 2002

>> It's the fact that you seem rather proud of it, is what gets people
>> agitated.

Not so much proud.  Having been in IT for ~20 years, I've seen a lot
of people who shouldn't be there.  Most call themselves "consultants". :)
Not a disparagement, I used to be one, however most consultants are
graded by the number of certs they carry, rather than whether or not
they can do the job.  I have only one cert, and I have it as a joke.
This person was a shlub who deserved to be in the class of "should not
be in IT".  He was a person who had no desire to learn, no desire to
find out on his own, and no desire to help.  These are the three most 
important qualities in any IT person, IMO.  I couldn't care less 
about what concrete knowledge one has, anyone with those three
skills will find out on their own.  Am I proud?  No, it was a 
decision that was in the best interest of the company (and, me as I
had to do his job, on top of mine).  I apologize if it came off that
way, the conversation with that person had denegrated past the level 
of civility we usually have on this forum.

>> I am still not sure whether I should join the crowd and start
>> calling names (my style is shutting up) but please show more insight
>> in voicing your arguments.

I generally try to stay civil, as I know full well I'm the "outsider"
here.  So, you stay away from name calling, I will, too. :)  However,
I have no argument to make.  

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