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Tony Karakashian tonyk at rochestermidland.com
Thu Oct 3 18:14:22 PDT 2002

>> What business do you have to run?  Your a manager for a networking
>> department.  

No, I'm the Nework Manager, that's the title of my predecessor, and I
inherited it.  One day I shall change it, but they keep telling me
"That Tech Guy" isn't professional enough. :)  Whatever my title,
it's my job to find solutions to problems that affect the entire company.
I'm the only person who's not a senior VP who attends, or is even 
allowed within the vicinity, of the monthly senior manager's meeting.
Why?  I am the strategic liason between the technology and the 
business.  I have just as much a voice in how things are done in the
company as anyone else at the CxO level.  That's a position I've 
EARNED by saving the company real, tangible amounts of money, 
increasing productivity, and yes, even assisting in the landing of
big sales.  Just last week, we landed a $4M contract, and the
deciding factor was the Customer Intranet project I spearheaded.
Because of this site, our customers can more easily learn about our
products, how to use our products, and comminicate directly with
the chemists whose job it is to design these products.  This is a
huge leap forward for a company who, a year prior to my arrival,
didn't even have e-mail (that's 3.5 years ago for those without a 

*I* came up with that service.  I and my webmaster worked on it,
without the knowledge of any of the other managers.  And, believe
it or not, the salesmen resisted.  It wasn't until six months after
we'd implemented that a customer asked for something similar out
of the blue.  The salesman showed him what we had, and the deal was
signed that day.  Since then, it's a standard part of every salesman's
proposal.  If it looks like it's necessary, I or one of my
underlings works directly with the customer to find out their needs.

But, that's only a minor part.  I assisted with adjusting pricing last
year, primarily because the previous pricing plans, or should I
say lack thereof, was too...um, random...to be duplicated 

>> off as some big league, but you work for some small company
>> bringing in a few million in sales a year.  What is the stock
>> symbol for your company?  I couldn't find it on yahoo.  

We're not a public company.  And, it's significantly more than
"a few million".

>> How many employees does RMC have?  The network you maintain is 
>> SMALL.  You would fail miserably if you had to try and manage a 
>> network the size of the one at where I work.

We have about 500 users, yes it is a small network.  Prior to my 
previous consulting gig, I worked with a rather large imaging
company here in Rochester, and worked directly with for the admin 
of their 150K user network.  Been there, done that.  In fact, it's
one of the reasons I consider this my last IT job.  If I leave here,
I'd probably end up in a position like that again.  No thanks,
too much work, I'd end up miserable and tired again.  Mainly because
in an organization like that, there's not just one IT department,
it's fragmented across the company, and there's just as much
in-fighting there as there is with other departments.

I work about 30 hours a week at the office, and about 10-15 hours 
a week at home now.  That's the life for me.  After this, I dunno,
prolly back to college, finish up with an archeological degree and
spend the rest of my life far away from computers, and the people 
who care so much about 'em. :)

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