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Tony Karakashian tonyk at rochestermidland.com
Thu Oct 3 18:56:06 PDT 2002

>> since linux users tend naturally not to be keen on discussing 
>> Windows.  

I'm not the one discussing Windows, everyone else is.  I was
discussing Linux.

>> Since the issue has come up - do you mean to say you're conducting this
>> stupid debate from work?  And getting paid over $100,000 per year for
>> this?

Right now, no, I'm at home doing some maintenance.  I'm capable of doing
more than one thing at a time, however.  Today was spent researching a 
solution to an issue a manager brought up, and keeping up with the 
problems our ISP was having with our backbone.  Hardly anything that
requires 100% of my attention.

>> The services they NEED, yes.  (That is what I said). This is not at all
>> the same as "exactly EVERYTHING that Windows can do".  

The services they NEED are currently only available on the Windows platform.
If they become available on another, I will consider it as an option.  Even
if there is only ONE irreplaceable service that runs under Windows, I can't,
nay, WON'T tell them..."You must use this!"

>> I likewise wonder if you have even come close to exploring ALL the
>> capabilities of Linux.  Frankly, regardless of the real accomplishments
>> you list for yourself, you still radiate rigidity and closed-mindedness.

Hmmm..yes, I can see how you could take that.  I look into every, sorry,
MOST possibilities I can find, and take the course of action that's in
the best interest of my company regardless of platform, user's "wants",
or personal experience or desires.  I can see how that would be closed-

>> I don't remember ever reading a
>> comment from you that was helpful to anyone, anyway.

There was one today where I assited Ian on how to find how to setup
his network card in Mandrake, and in the last few weeks I assisted
someone on blfs-support with Samba problems, and another with getting
DivX movies to work properly, albeit that was on the Windows platform.

>> That IS your level of management
>> now, isn't it?  Do you never have those sorts of decisions to make?  
>> You can just keep on with the status quo indefinitely?

I can appreciate you not reading the other posts, but if you're going 
to reply to one, at least read what that one has to say.  I do nothing
to keep status quo.  In the last 2.5 years with my company, I have 
implemented numerous systems that took the company to the latter half
of the 20th century, and am looking forward to the future.  

>> The real debate is all about strategy and you seem not to want to
>> argue that aspect of it.  

I really don't want to argue on any point, however, since you have
not brought up strategy, I had no reason to respond to it.

>> See, this is the sort of comment that gets people annoyed.  

Too bad.  You accused me of being closed-minded.  I responded in

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