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On Thu, 3 Oct 2002 22:46:21 -0400
Tony "The toilet man" Karakashian <tonyk at rochestermidland.com> wrote:

> As I recall, I made a comment about having tried
> "all" the video editors under Linux, someone pulled an obscure one
> out of their ass, and a melee ensued on my use of the word "all".  
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I think it has to do with your exaggeration and love of hearing yourself
talk.  There are many professional grade video editing, compositioning,
etc tools for Linux.  Have you tried Rayz, Chalice or any of the
many others that cost thousands and are what the big effects
studios use on Linux/Unix?  Doubt it.  Most arguments/flame wars on this
list seem to be focused on you and how your a prick.  Didn't your mommy
ever teach you to play nice with others?  The fact is most people don't
want to always have to listen to you preach on windows or how your such
an expert with your little network you maintain, or how much money you
make or how important your job role is. The facts are, there are many
on this cool list that make as much if not more then you.  I for one
am one of them, and I am 29 and have been programming for 5 years
whereas it has taken you ~20 years to get to where your are.  If you
have such a love for windows and giving billy boy a reach-around, go on
a windows list where you will be appreciated.

Jim Drabb
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