Upgrade question

Robert Ian Smit robian at wanadoo.nl
Fri Oct 4 04:04:10 PDT 2002

* Tony Karakashian <tonyk at rochestermidland.com> [04-10-2002 04:46]:
> I'm not even saying you're wrong, aside from your
> characterization of me.  I'm saying you're completely right, why, then
> do you insist on attacking me?  And, this isn't just you, Steve,
> it's all of you.

I know this thread has taken on a substantial size. I have
responded to you in a manner I still think is appropriate. I won't
deny that some of the subthreads were rather nasty, not to
say pointless.

Looking back on this thread you come across as if you feel
victimized by the Group. Some people have said things that were
unkind and besides the point. Some other people have tried to have a
proper  discussion. I admire the way you have responded to most on
the list.  You have however dealt out your own share of nastiness. I
don't care if it was appropriate at the time, but your summing up
the communication is not correct at all.

When people start calling names, I can easily turn away. I believe
we had a friendy exchange of ideas, so for you to say that I among
others am attacking you, is not nice to read.

You are very vocal and you are generally very able to express your
self. This makes it difficult to imagine that you didn't mean
it as you wrote it.

By the way I am interested in your Windows-boasting (as some have
called it). For political reasons I expressed earlier, I want to get
rid of Microsoft. However I acknowledge that the transition is not
trivial and love to hear about real and perceived problems making it
happen. Since we're all just chatting here, I think your
contribution to the list is potentially valuable.


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