Upgrade question

Tony Karakashian tonyk at rochestermidland.com
Fri Oct 4 07:01:41 PDT 2002

>> You took the first shot at me, I kept it "professional"
>> until you openend your mouth about me and my carreer, of which you have
>> no knowledge.


"the only one on this list I see trying to spread lies is you."


"I think it has more to do with position.  A manager
tends to loose touch with working technology and get into all the
buzz words and propaganda." 


"True, he is a TROLL.  Him coming to a Linux group and always
trying to sell us winblows, is like me going on a M$ news group
and always trying to sell Linux."

Ring a bell?  

>> Oh, by the way, Mr. Drabb and Mr. Marine are the same person you 
>> moron.

Which would explain why I couldn't remember Mr. Marine's real name.
seeing as you commented that you killfiled me, I assumed I wouldn't
be hearing from you again.

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