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> > You took the first shot at me, I kept it "professional"
> > until you openend your mouth about me and my carreer, of 
> > which you have no knowledge.
> Really?  
> "the only one on this list I see trying to spread lies is you."

PLEASE tell me ONE lie I posted to the list?
This is my very first reply to you.  I don't see one offensive thing in


And I even paid a compilment to you before you got ugly:

"I have wasted enough bandwidth on this pointless thread. I personally
have nothing against you. I am sure you're an intelligent and nice
guy. I just don't understand why you are always starting flamewars
and causing ruckus in the group."

> and 
> "I think it has more to do with position.  A manager
> tends to loose touch with working technology and get into all the
> buzz words and propaganda." 

This was not an attack at YOU.  Did I say I think TONY tends to loose
touch with working technology?  NO.  It was my opinion on how managers
get more involved with the business side and less on the technical side.
So then you took this shot at me:

"And, well you would be to stay there. I surpassed that figure a long
time ago, and I lead guys like you. I pity you that your boss doesn't
come to you for solutions, but then, why would he? I already know what
your answer would be, regardless of the problem. To be honest, I
wouldn't have you on my team. You're too closed-minded."

That's when the gloves came off.

What got me ticked about you from the very beginning of this thread
was how you come out and say you can't do this on Linux or can't do
that.  Or how you tried all video programs and they suck.  Why don't
you not attack Linux and say that YOU can't do this or can't do that.
Then maybe someone on the list would be happy to show you how THEY did
do this or that on Linux.  You are very quick to point out any flaw in
Linux, however when someone points out a flaw in windows you jump to
the defense of ole billy boy.

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