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Tony Karakashian tonyk at rochestermidland.com
Fri Oct 4 07:44:38 PDT 2002

>> PLEASE tell me ONE lie I posted to the list?

That was what you said to me!  I would offer you the same challenge!

>> Did I say I think TONY tends to loose touch with working technology?  

Not precisely, but that's how I took the implication.  

>> That's when the gloves came off.

You're right.  So, let me apologize for misinterpreting what you said.
I took it as a personal attack, and responded in kind.  I have a great
deal of respect for programmers, primarily because it's a computer 
skill I have never been able to master.

>> What got me ticked about you from the very beginning of this thread
>> was how you come out and say you can't do this on Linux or can't do
>> that.  

My comments were meant to point out the limitation that keep me from
adopting it.  These are the same kinds of limitations that others
see, believe it or not.  I was making the point that not every company 
decides to go with MS products because they are too stupid or lazy to 
learn anything else, or are "in bed" with Bill.  Sometimes, we have
valid reasons for not choosing Linux, however, I point them out not
to denigrate it, but to show where it needs improvement.  I have also
continuously said that I would adopt it if those limitations were 
overcome.  I have never tried to sell anyone on MS products, nor
recommend anyone "come back to the fold".  I would have an easier time
trying to sell Christ in a synagogue.

>> however when someone points out a flaw in windows you jump to
>> the defense of ole billy boy.

Not at all.  Look, it's like this...yesterday there was an article on
/. about SANS/FBI releasing a top 20 security exploits.  The 10 that 
were listed for Windows/IIS were perfectly valid exploits, but not of
the OS, but the admin's inability to setup their machine properly.  
Every single one of them would be null if admins simply followed the
simple security checklist MS has posted for every version of IIS since
it's inception.  I don't think it's fair to judge a product on it's
keyboard-to-chair interface, MS has no control over that.  I take
offense, not because I give a rat's ass about MS, but because the
implication is that because the majority of Windows admins are morons,
I must be too.  It's one of the main reasons I've refused to ever get
an MCSE.  I worked with people who had them when I was a consultant,
and I never met one who could even spell "NT".  I didn't want to be 
lumped with them.


P.S. So, why do I have an MCP?  Simple.  My previous employer was an
MCSP.  We had the requisite two MCSEs necessary, but they decided
having some MCPs might make us look more like we knew what we were 
doing.  So, they announced a contest....$1000 and the cost of the
tests to the first person to get their MCP who didn't already have one.
The contest was announced at 11AM.  At 5:30, I handed my boss the 
results of my tests.  I had a friend at a testing center who 
squeezed me in.  I took all three test in an hour, without any 
studying or classes.  "Is this a reflection on me?", I asked of my
boss then and of you now.  "Nope, it's a reflection on the tests
not testing anything difficult or important which shows how 
valueless the certs really are."

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