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> You're right.  So, let me apologize for misinterpreting what you said.
> I took it as a personal attack, and responded in kind.  I have a great
> deal of respect for programmers, primarily because it's a computer 
> skill I have never been able to master.

Then please accept my apologies as well.  There is no reason to adults
cannot have a good debate without getting personal.

> -T
> P.S. So, why do I have an MCP?  Simple.  My previous employer was an
> MCSP.  We had the requisite two MCSEs necessary, but they decided
> having some MCPs might make us look more like we knew what we were 
> doing.  So, they announced a contest....$1000 and the cost of the
> tests to the first person to get their MCP who didn't already 
> have one.
> The contest was announced at 11AM.  At 5:30, I handed my boss the 
> results of my tests.  I had a friend at a testing center who 
> squeezed me in.  I took all three test in an hour, without any 
> studying or classes.  "Is this a reflection on me?", I asked of my
> boss then and of you now.  "Nope, it's a reflection on the tests
> not testing anything difficult or important which shows how 
> valueless the certs really are."
> -- 

I have an MCP as well for Visual C++ and VB.  They don't mean much to
a technical person.  However, to HR they are things they look for.

Jim Drabb

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