ssh agent

Tony Karakashian tonyk at
Fri Oct 4 10:37:34 PDT 2002

While we're being civil :) I have a question.
When my main VPN hub goes down here, for whatever
reason, I have to manually go into each branch
firewall, via ssh, and restart their VPN connection.
What I'd like is to write a init script to do it
for me, so I don't have to get up at 2AM when they
restore power...It appears ssh-agent might do the
trick, but it appears it's primary purpose is to
"cache" my password so I don't have to re-enter it
again during my session.  If I log out, I have to
re-enter it.  Is this correct?  And, the fact that 
each of the branch firewall has a different 
password, that would affect it, too, right?  If 
so, is it possible, without hard-coding the router 
passwords in a script in plain text to have a 
script ssh in and run some commands on a remote 
machine without any human intervention?

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