findutils-4.1.7 on uClibc

Ken Moffat ken at
Sat Oct 5 10:25:52 PDT 2002

Has anybody managed to build findutils-4.1.7 on lfs with uClibc-0.9.15
? I'm having problems with references to wchar_t (it's probably in a 
different header file).

I know I've got at least one error in my uClibc build (rpc is now in two
parts, and I didn't enable the second, which causes fun and games in
util-linux), so I'd appreciate any supporting evidence before I try to
sort out the problem. (Findutils-4.1 builds fine, BTW).

Also, anybody know what's happened to the definitive source for this
since got hacked ? I found mine on a Slackware mirror.

 Out of the darkness a voice spake unto me, saying "smile, things could be
worse". So I smiled, and lo, things became worse.

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