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Rui Ferreira ruifmferreira at
Sat Oct 5 17:33:07 PDT 2002

Hi Ian

So, have you decided on the name.
I just got a cat this afternoon and already found a name.
Not that I wanted anything geek, I just call what ever first comes to
This one became "Tristan" from "Tristan & Isolda"
Tristan in my country means something like 'big-sad-thing'!
Other names I used in other cats were:
Nepia: slang form of 'Nothing' - because she was white (color-less)
Teca: slang form of 'Lots of' - because she was black (the sum of all
colors )
Felix: the x-ending form of 'feline' - he was a fine specimen.
Fric: How the word 'freak' sounds to me - a very ugly cat

So, what have you decided so far

 - puss, puss...

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