fixes for LFS 4.0 makefile

Christophe Devine devine at
Mon Oct 7 13:19:10 PDT 2002

In article <ansnfv$42d$1 at>, Eric wrote:

> First, in the static-bash target, the line
>         test -e /usr/lib/libcurses.a
> seems unnecessary to me.  All my systems (RH 7.3, SuSe {7.3,8}) use 
> libncurses.a instead of libcurses, and the build works just fine if I 
> remove the test.  If the curses library is _really_ missing, the build will 
> fail to link.

Yeah, you are quite right.

> Also, as was noticed earlier, the glibc target is dependant on itself.  What 
> seems to have been missed is that _gcc_ should be the one with the glibc 
> dependancy.

This has been corrected.

> Finally, the make is very brittle if it fails.  If you re-run make, it 
> starts from the beginning instead of continuing from where it left off.  
> And, if the make is run from the beginning without manual cleanup, it 
> fails.

Indeed, this is a known bug - you have to run the makefile with an empty
$LFS and hope everything compiles without errors.

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