Console heroes don't miskate

Csaba Henk ekho at
Mon Oct 7 16:55:43 PDT 2002


 Browsing through the LFS mailing list archives I found some people with a
pretty "console hero" attitude, eg. asking "tell me the host distro which
works but is not bloated -- which has everything that a host distro needs
but doesn't get stuffed with those unnecessary things like desktop
managers, multimedia tools and X". 
 This is fine but I wonder how can one complete a project like LFS without
X (I mean, of course, one can, but exactly _how_?). OK, console is quite
fast after having some experience with it and it is quite a powerful tool,
but how does one manage those loong commands which sometimes do occur in
the LFS book? With X, one just copy & pastes it to the prompt, but what
can you do if you have only the console? Is there some way to copy & paste
even at the console? Or console heroes make shell scripts out of each
command of the book, cutting out the complement of the certain commands
one by one? Or do they take the effort of typing the commands? It seems to
be a bad solution: it's not only slow, but also gives rise to a broad zoo
of possible typos. Or console heroes do not make mistakes? 
 To put it in a simpler (and broader) perspective, I ask: is there some
way to manipulate the whole matrix of characters one sees on the screen
when using console (and not only the sequence of characters seen after
the prompt)?

Csaba Henk

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