2 tweaks -> success!

Eric mailing-lists at digitaleric.net
Mon Oct 7 20:15:28 PDT 2002

Christophe Devine wrote:

> Alright, new Makefile uploaded at http://devine.nerim.net/Makefile
> Please let me know if any other bugfixes are necessary.

I have just finished a successful build of LFS 4.0 using this makefile.  I 
had to make 2 changes (one of which was reverting an incorrect change I 
suggested earlier... oops).

The 1st change was to revert an incorrect suggestion of mine to specify the 
path to chroot as /usr/sbin/chroot.  This works for RedHat systems and LFS 
systems, but SuSe puts chroot in /usr/bin, which caused the build to fail.  
I found myself thinking, "but why wouldn't chroot be in root's path?"  It 
turns out that I mistakenly ran the `cat > ~/.bash_profile << "EOF"` script 
as root, before su'ing to lfs (d'oh).  So I reverted to the original

        su -c " \
        chroot $(LFS) /static/bin/env -i HOME=/root TERM=$(TERM) \

The second problem happened with the linuxthreads target (which builds the 
linuxthreads man pages).  The problem is:


        tar -xvjf glibc-linuxthreads-2.2.5.tar.bz2 && \
        cd linuxthreads && \
        cd man && \
        make -C man && \
        make -C man install \

the "cd man" is redundant when "make -C man" is also specified.  I removed 
the "-C man" arguements and everything worked beautifully.

Thanks to Christophe Devine and Hugo Patrício for such a simple way to build 
LFS!  (and of course thanks to Gerard Beekmans and all the other folks 
involved in creating LFS)

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