Console heroes don't miskate

Richard Lightman richard at
Tue Oct 8 02:19:19 PDT 2002

* Ken Dyke <ken_i_m at> [2002-10-08 08:28]:
> On Mon, 2002-10-07 at 18:50, Archaic wrote:
> > Use GPM for console mouse services which allows copy+paste. 
> > *snip*
> > I'd rather type (example) mplayer my-fav-movie than
> > click a few buttons.
> If you would rather type then be a mouse jockey why are you using GPM?
People do not use the console simply for the pleasure of typing.
A decent GUI has keyboard shortcuts, so you do not have to move
you hand all the way to the mouse and back without good reason.

Here are some advantages of the console:

1) The commands you learn on the console can be used in scripts.
   GUI's teach you very little about scripting.

2) One of the major reasons for the existance of GUI's it to provide
   a method of slowing down the operator. You have to sit there
   waiting for the dialog boxes to appear before you can click on
   the buttons. On the console, you can use type ahead and scripts
   more easily.

3) Console+GPM uses far less resources than X+Desktop.

4) Some console commands and options are not supported on the

5) I am mildly dyslexic - I find reading bright text on a dark
   background for easier than black on white. I have got konqueror
   to use my choice of fonts and colours most of the time, but
   it was much easier to configure lynx, and that always uses
   my choices.

There are some things that are easier to do in a GUI than on the
console. Every few months, I do use gnome or KDE. I do not use
a console to prove that I can cope with adversity. I use it because
for the majority of what I want to do, I find it is the best
environment. I am sure that other people with different needs have
made different choices.

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