Console heroes don't miskate

Rob Park rbpark at
Wed Oct 9 02:42:23 PDT 2002

On Wednesday 09 October 2002 02:08 am, James Cozine wrote:
> ken_i_m at (Ken Dyke) writes:
> > I'm 6'4" and have fairly large hands which have taken quite a
> > beating over the years.  I keep them flexible by playing guitar and ...
> > typing. :-)
> >
> > Become one with vim
> (Couldn't resist...)
> If that's the case, become one with Emacs!
> Edit-Meta-Alt-Control-Shift for all your hand-contorting exercising
> needs.

Actually, it is 'Escape', not 'Edit'. Also,

Eight Megs And Constantly Swapping
Emacs Makes A Computer Slow
Emacs Makes Accomplished Coders Scream
Everyone Must Acquire Carpal-tunnel Syndrome
Eldritch Monstrosity: A Computing Shoggoth?
Eventually malloc()s All Computer Storage
Exploit Macros Antagonize Crusty Sysadmins
Excessive Macros Annoy Computing Students
Emacs Masquerades As Cool Stuff
Expensive Memory Allocations Crash System
Elisp Merely Aggravates CLISP Scholars
Emacs Mail Antagonizes Crusty Sysadmins
Editor?  Maybe.  Actually Considered Shell.
Evil Manipulator, Always Corrupts Souls
Evil Magic: Artificial Cthulhu Summoner
Elephantine Monstrosity, Avaricious COnsumer of Space

Vim rules! ;)

Rob Park
Will it improve my CASH FLOW?

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