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Wed Oct 9 15:10:50 PDT 2002

Gerard Beekmans wrote:

>I hope everything will work out for you. Where in Canada are you moving to?
>I too immigrated to Canada (now three years ago) but I didn't go through a law 
>firm. I just contacted an immigration office, got a paperwork package sent 
>home, filled it out, sent back and waited for it to be processed.
>This worked for me, though my circumstances were a bit different than yours I 
>think (I married a Canadian, which means out of humantarian and compassionate 
>reasons they couldn't really refuse me to immigrate to Canada as long as I 
>was able to prove it was a legitimate marriage and not one done just to get 
Thanks for all your replies.

Am not yet sure where to move, depends on where I get a job. That is my 
next step, finding a job in Canada. <wish>To move withing driving 
distance from Niagara Falls.</wish>

My case, for applying under Skilled Immigrant Category, is also not very 
complicated (at least that's what half-a-dozen immigration consultants 
told me). There is a new point system and I have 77 points without 
having a job offer. Maybe I will try submitting the forms myself. I will 
be applying under the Skilled Immigrant Category.

BTW, I am surprised by the number of Canadians in this community.

I meant to post this to misc.immigration.canada (have been lurking 
around there since afternoon), posted here by mistake:) Good thing I 
didn't post to!
Based on the replies, am glad I posted here.

Tushar Teredesai
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