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Dylan dylan at
Thu Oct 10 12:26:24 PDT 2002

Hi guys,

I'm really proud with myself. About a month ago, I made my first try at LFS 
(successfully, first time I might add!) anyho I've decided that I'll be 
footling with something like debian or gentoo and then come back to LFS 
(learning curve etc...) Thing is...

I was brought up from a Cambridge Research SCMP Mk14 (4 bits, manually entered 
hex machine code) thru PETs, PETII's, BBC, to 'original' IMB PC. I'll be the 
first to admit that I got 'trapped' in the DOS/Windoze thingy. UNIX was 
something which 'ran on mainframes' - akin to VAX/VMS. Still, I gained a 
detailed (amateur/serious-hobbyist) knowledge of how DOS/Windoze 
worked/interacted/functioned etc... (in the broadest, kindest sense.) I want 
(need) that level of familiarity with *NIX...

I've been having an issue with remotely mounted directories which may well 
have been because circular mounts had occured. I have re-organised my system 
so that the posibility is eliminated, but that is not optimal for my needs. 
My query is: What *symptoms* would I expect to see if a circular mount 

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