Console heroes don't miskate

Björn Lindberg d95-bli at
Fri Oct 11 07:42:20 PDT 2002

Jim Mischel wrote:
> > I did.  Back in 1982.
> Yeah, so did I, in 1985 or so.  Amazing what can be done in 4K of assembly
> language.  But when I stepped up from my old Z80 S-100 box to an AT clone, I
> just couldn't bring myself to port the darned thing.  Fortunately, the AT
> clone came with Wordstar 4.
> > I like vim for a command line editor.  Still looking for a gui editor.
> You might consider NEdit (  I had just about settled
> on that for my GUI editor last year, but then other things took my attention
> away from Linux until just recently.  From what I remember of it, it was
> quite a good editor.  I especially liked that it has a Windows port.  I was
> looking forward to using the same editor for my Windows and Linux work.  If
> I ever get a GUI running on one of my Linux systems again, I'll have to grab
> NEdit.

Emacs is the best editor (also available for Windows).

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