Blew up my memory (it think) :-/

R. Bosch at
Sat Oct 12 16:20:09 PDT 2002

Hi, I just blew up my PC266 DDR-RAM - I think...

The case is this that I'll need new RAM to find out :-}

The reason I post this is that I need to know if PC333 RAM kan be used
on a PC266 mobo. My chipset is VIA-KT266-A. Is DDR-RAM a backwards
compatible, so I can (mis)use it in this system?
I know I can take PC266 RAM, but is my mobo is dead, I want to get a
newer type. If my mobo is not dead, then I'll have some room to
overclock my system which is the reason my system quit in the first
place :-}

Before I get replies about my CPU, I'll say that I have a MSI K7T266
PRO2 mobo with dignostic-leds. They hang at the memtest.

Has anyone experience with messing with this chipset/mobo as descibed

Now I'll have to settle with a K6-2 at 333MHz with only 96MB RAM
(EDO/DRAM at 66MHz) What's worse is that my chipset is a SiS5591/5513 :-(

If you only could see the way I set-up that system :-} It's awfull!! 

Thanks in advance !



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