lfs4 on an oldtimer

Justin Knierim jrknierim at jrknierim.com
Mon Oct 14 10:27:55 PDT 2002

Florian Hess (FLoH):
>1. Are the compile warnings or errors a result of a pre-compiling 
>validation, or do they come from the compiler itself? I mean, is it 
>possible every now and then, that an error makes the compiling 
>progress stop (think of the famous 99%-error)?

I have never had a LFS install go all the way through the first
Time.  For me,the first compile of GCC will end with an error,
I delete sources, unpack the archive again, press up arrow to run the 
Same commands again, and it works.  Always works the second time.
:)  Cannot really explain it, maybe a hardware problem.

  There are a lot of warning messages because of C++ standard
Incompatible code that some people have made, but no problems so

>2. Where are the LFS-commands gone? Can I use the 3.3-commands instead?

I do not know if anyone has made them yet.  I believe that the
3.3 and others were cut and paste'd, or type in.  So until some
Brave soul goes to type them up, no commands.


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