Alternative bootscripts release

Gareth Jones moderob at
Mon Oct 14 11:03:49 PDT 2002

Hi there,

As some of you will remember, Oliver Brakmann and I have been working on a
set of alternative init scripts for LFS.  The main ideas are to have a
dependency tree of runlevels, and to configure the runlevels in files
rather than having lots of potentially very messy and ugly symlinks.

These main ideas are ofcourse based on those in Matthias Benkmann's and
Neven Has' scripts (new-boot-* and rlv respectively in
lfs-bootscripts/contrib), but attempt to maintain maximum configurability
while still using sysvinit.

Oliver has also contributed networking scripts which are far more flexible
than those included with LFS.  The features include automatic mounting and
unmounting of network filesystems, DHCP, and dynamically updating /etc/hosts
as interfaces are enabled or brought down.

Anyway, enough.  Oliver has written an excellent README which explains
everything and is included in the tarball.  Please remember that, as the
version number suggests, this is regarded as a beta release.  That said,
we appreciate (and want) feedback. ;-)

Massive thanks go to Johan Veenstra for hosting the tarball, and also Tony
Karakashian & James Drabb who also offered to host it.

You can download the tarball (& MD% checksum) at:

Have fun,
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