Celebrating 2 years without M$-Windows!!! (@ home :-P)

Björn Lindberg d95-bli at nada.kth.se
Tue Oct 15 05:25:08 PDT 2002

"R. Bosch" wrote:
> Just realized that it has been a while since I used Windows... at home.
> Then I thought; Who has kicked out M$ at home, and when?

When I got my new computer 2 years ago, I installed Suse + Windows 98 on
it. Windows because I thought I'd like to play games on my new fast
computer. During the following year I replaced Suse with LFS, and rarely
if ever touched the Windows partition.

Then almost exactly one year after I got the computer (which I built
myself), my HD crashed (it was an IBM Desktop). I got a replacement, to
which I moved my Linux system, and I intended to install Windows 2000 in
parallell (don't ask me why :-). Anyway, Windows didn't like the
partition I had chosen for it, so in the end I never installed it.

So I haven't really used Windows in 2 years (before that I didn't have
my own computer), and haven't had it installed for 1 year. Now my
replacement IBM HD has crashed as well (almost to the day one year after
the first one did), and I'm getting a 120GB drive in addition to
replacing this one.

I'm planning to make the HD switch an excuse to upgrade LFS to the
latest (my current is maybe based on 2.x or something like that),
because I'd like to have g++-3.x as default on my system.

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