Celebrating 2 years without M$-Windows!!! (@ home :-P)

R. Bosch remy.bosch at hccnet.nl
Tue Oct 15 15:52:31 PDT 2002

On Tue, 15 Oct 2002 11:13:36 -0400  Mister Tony just HAD to write the

> In the last couple of years there have been numerous problem reports
> with their larger drives (>30G).

I have a deskstar at 40GB. I heard that I have to watch out that it
doesn't get too hot. For everything else it't a fine brand IMO.
To keep it alive I juse it only for storage, and not as an OS-partition.
With hdparm setting it on 60seconds, I don't worry too much... Runs well
for almost a year now... (knock wood)

Just cool it! ;-)



Open(source) your mind, and see real freedom!
Close(dsource) your mind and be in a prisson.

Just my ¤0.02
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