mac comps

Tony Karakashian tonyk at
Thu Oct 17 06:00:21 PDT 2002

>> does anyone from you around know more about mac comps? i haven't used 
>> this platform before so i don't have any experiences.

Since OSX, Macs have become a lot more promising than they were in the
past.  And, with Jaguar, you get pretty much the entirety of the open
source catalog.  They've taken their Darwin platform and ported a large
chunk of FreeBSD 4.4 over.  So, you get an open source platform with a
very nice interface and the ability to run a good chunk of mainstream apps.
The only real drawback, and the reason I haven't headed that way, is cost.
A comparable Mac will cost you 3-4X that of an x86 machine.  On of the main
reasons, IMO, that Apple hasn't ported to that platform.  Flamewars on the 
bennies and drawbacks of one hardware platform over another to /dev/null, 
please.  x86 is cheap and plentiful. :)  

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