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Antony Stone Antony at
Thu Oct 17 14:31:03 PDT 2002

On Thursday 17 October 2002 10:25 pm, Matthew Gibbons wrote:

> Actually, I would contest that. The 386 that Linus bought - the one he
> started to write Linux on - cost him and arm and a leg. IIRC, it was
> somewhere in the region of $3,000, which is about the equivalent of $12,000
> now.

Yes, but when Linus started writing his Operating System, he didn't expect it 
to become as popular or as widespread as it has.

The fact that it can be run on the hardware which, as you correctly point 
out, became cheap because IBM opened up the specs for the PC, is what has 
allowed Linux to become as widely tried and used as it is today.



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