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On Thursday 17 October 2002 10:37 pm, Ian Molton wrote:

> On Thu, 17 Oct 2002 21:05:29 +0000 (UTC)
> Antony at (Antony Stone) wrote:
> > Because the whole point of Linux in the first place was that it was
> > Unix written for affordable hardware
> to remind you of the original remark:
>      > x86 is cheap and plentiful. :)
>      And remember, if they weren't, Linux wouldn't exist. :)
> So, if X86 wasnt cheap and plentiful, what makes you think linux wouldnt
> exist?

Okay, it might *exist*, but it wouldn't be so widespread around the world as 
it has turned out, without being based (primarily) on hardware which was 
being promoted by two of the biggest marketing forces around at the time.

> Of course it would - just on one of the other cheap and plentiful
> architectures that was around at the time.
> The Acorn R140 was the first sub 4000ukp Unix workstation (at least in
> the UK)

Yeah, but look how successful they were at maintaining market share, compared 
to Microsoft and IBM.   I'm not saying they made bad hardware, or wrote bad 
software - they just didn't get it out in the market as successfully as the 
x86 crowd did.



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