Ian Molton spyro at f2s.com
Thu Oct 17 15:30:34 PDT 2002

On Thu, 17 Oct 2002 22:07:02 +0000 (UTC)
rovitotv at stargt.com ("Todd V. Rovito") wrote:

> Thus spake Ian Molton (spyro at f2s.com):
> > Just a quick note...
> > 
> > The LFS IRC community (from my samplig at 22:00ish, thursday)
> > appears to really suck.

> Maybe you should try more than one time. For me the LFS IRC has been
> great!

I noticed some people never get yelled at even though they ask the same
things I do... (no, Im not implying anything about you - just a general
comment about IRC).

> > I'd hoped that it'd be a place for getting help / sharing experience
> > in getting LFS working.

> I have gotten lots of help from IRC about all sort of things,
> including home work.

I've found 99.999% of IRC to be an unpleasant place, and the remaining
0.001% devided between porn, warez, and the odd good channel...
> > To those thinking this, dont bother. It smells as badly of elitist
> > goons as all the other Linux chat channels I'd had experience of.

> I think you are wrong, I have been hanging out in lfs IRC for at least
> one year and I have never felt that way.  It has always been a good
> environment.

Heres a log of what happened (well, the early part). (see later)

>  Sometimes there are not many people and you have to wait
> to get your questions answered.

If only!! I'd have been happy to wait for a civil answer... I could have
done without the 'instant' one.

> You should try again, maybe even a
> number of times, before you make the above statement.  

Perhaps, but once bitten, twice shy applies triply so for autistic
individuals. I shant be returning there for a long time.

Well, heres that log... (sorry, the tops missing) if anyone has the
complete one, I'd be happy to have them post it.

Basically, the beginning went: (paraphrased)

<me (spyro)> What gives with ls segfaulting?
<W3rk|Pinski> god your thick. why do people come to IRC to ask
<me> Sorry I asked...
<W3rk|Pinski> spyro: no we're saying you're stupid for trying something
that isn't in the book without researching it
<spyro> LS = ls - <embarrased>
<Zarba> waoouchh, quite long to recompile all a lfs with all others
<spyro> Pinski: you're an arrogant sod arent you?
<Zarba> on my lfs 3.3, i had 591 packages installed, i have to reinstall
them on my lfs 4.0
<spyro> I /did/ do research.
<Zarba> ouch !!!
<W3rk|Pinski> spyro: just like you are for not doing research before
trying something not in the book then bitching
<W3rk|Pinski> spyro: obviously not, since you'd know about the nss
<spyro> I've been building LFSes for ages. I thought I'd try something
<W3rk|Pinski> spyro: then maybe you should have done research, like
reading the mls
<spyro> Pinski: Reasearching does NOT garauntee you will discover
<spyro>  I did search the mailinglists first.
<W3rk|Pinski> spyro: oh really, then you would have found the errors it
causes and fixes to them
<spyro> Fuck off
<Dean> ouch
<spyro> Its people like you that ruing Linux IRC channels.
* Dean says no need spyro
<Dean> spyro: please apologise for your bad language
<Evanidus> imo, irc shouldn't be used to ask questions/get support
<spyro> Dean: I object to people tearing me a new one for asking a
question about something that is NOT particularly obvious.
<Dean> spyro: i will ask you once more, please apologise for your bad
<Evanidus> heh
<W3rk|Pinski> spyro: it isn't obvious that it's on the mls, that you
<spyro> besides, I still dont see what the static ls I just built could
have to do with the new glibc.
<W3rk|Pinski> nss
<W3rk|Pinski> and no, that doesn't mean no shit sherlock
<Evanidus> lol
<spyro> Pinski: Im a regular reader of the mailinglists - spyro at f2s.com
or spyro at armlinux.org if you want to check
<Dean> spyro: I am waiting, you were way out of line above.
<spyro> <sigh> LFS irc stinks as bad as all the other linux IRC
channels. I think Im gonna stick with the news/mailinglists.
<spyro> Dean: Im *not* apologizing to Pinkski.
<Dean> your language and attitude in this channel stinks I think.
<Evanidus> yeah, #lfs do sux. I personaly avoid talking here usualy
(prefer other channels)
<Dean> if you act sensible people will help you.
<Evanidus> s/do sux/do is annoying/
<W3rk|Pinski> if you were regular(which a grep seems to think so) you'd
know about the problems
* markh coughs
<Dean> I ask lots of questions in here, and get lots of help.  However I
try not to upset or insult the people that offer help.
<markh> calm down people please

I find Deans attitude particularly interesting - esp. the last comment
in the log there - No help was offered until long after my insult, and
even then, passed in an elitist non-friendly manner. (fortunately I know
enough about linux to figure it out).

Evidently Mr Pinski is the person I have a problem with, but I didnt see
anyone dive in, so I can only assume the channel sentiment follows that
of Pinski, by and large.

If any LFS IRCers there dont feel as he does, well, you know who you
are, you need not take offense.

Well, I got more interesting things to do, like test my 'fix' for the
problem (delete /lib/libnss* and then reinstall them later) works...

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