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On Thu, 17 Oct 2002 19:20:53 -0400, Ian Molton wrote:

> On Thu, 17 Oct 2002 22:49:31 +0000 (UTC) highos at linuxfromscratch.org
> (Jesse Tie-Ten-Quee) wrote:
>> Yo,
>> On Thu, Oct 17, 2002 at 11:41:07PM +0100, Antony Stone wrote:
>> > I don't think IRC is much different from newsgroups & mailing lists.
>> >   
>> > Sometimes you just find people respond unhelpfully.   Some people
>> > just seem to act arrogant or argumentative for the sake of it.   No
>> > point bothering about it - just get on with things and let them live
>> > how they want to.
>> I just read my own log (Ian, yours seems a little edited...)
> edited how? its missing the beginning, but I didnt change any text...
>> and
>> honestly I think you took things a little too much at face value.
> Sorry, I cant take things any other way.
>> Considering it looks like they were playing word games with each other
>> for fun, i'm not surprised what Pinski said.
> ????
>> Though I do have to admin he was right about the fact that the glibc
>> 2.3.x/nss issues have been covered multiple times on the mailing list
>> in the last few weeks.
> I stll dont see why he had to be rude about it. I did look on the ml (as
> you know, I read it daily), but missed it.
>> Anyways, id just follow Antony's advice.  I can understand if you don't
>> want to return, but you don't have to paint this any worse then it
>> was..
> I said it like it was.
	There is a big difference between the MLs and irc. With the MLs you have
the benefit of a bit of time to formulate a response and even review it
and ensure everything is worded nicely even if the desired result is
"fsck off". In irc, you are going real time, and you don't really have to
time to formulate, and as well you aren't speaking with spoken word but
written words.
	With the MLs misinterpretation is in great evidence, with the qualities
irc lends to the situation, I am sure you can see how misinterpretation
and insult is much easier to divine within a converstation.
	Basically give irc another chance, new comers are often put off by
people's "familiarity", that's really what it is. Its not hostility at
first, but yes I will agree that it can become hostile, but it never
starts that way. Please try again, and look into other channels.
	#LFS is
considered the help place, but really only if you are following the book
to the letter. Any divergence from teh book suggests you have more than
the average newcomer's knowledge about linux, and you will find it
difficult to finding help in #LFS with a divergent LFS system. You will
actually find that most of the old-timers don't build LFS by the book,
but use it like a hint or guide, those people are the ones that can help.

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