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Ladislav Danko ladislav.danko at
Thu Oct 17 23:36:05 PDT 2002

more thanks for some points about advantages and disadvantages about 
mac's comps and thanks that you don't write flame ;o). yesterday, i 
found article about compare x86 and mac platform on this site: and for me: 
there aren't fans on processors in box (as image look that there 
aren't)! like on my good old time with z80 processor ;).


On Thursday 17 October 2002 15:00, Tony Karakashian wrote:
> >> does anyone from you around know more about mac comps? i haven't
> >> used this platform before so i don't have any experiences.
> Since OSX, Macs have become a lot more promising than they were in
> the past.  And, with Jaguar, you get pretty much the entirety of the
> open source catalog.  They've taken their Darwin platform and ported
> a large chunk of FreeBSD 4.4 over.  So, you get an open source
> platform with a very nice interface and the ability to run a good
> chunk of mainstream apps. The only real drawback, and the reason I
> haven't headed that way, is cost. A comparable Mac will cost you 3-4X
> that of an x86 machine.  On of the main reasons, IMO, that Apple
> hasn't ported to that platform.  Flamewars on the bennies and
> drawbacks of one hardware platform over another to /dev/null, please.
>  x86 is cheap and plentiful. :)
> -T

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