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Antony at (Antony Stone) wrote:

> > No. linux would exist as we know it, but its 'default' architecture,
> > the one most maintained, wouldnt be X86. and Linus would have bought
> > and Alpha or a PPC or whatever else turned out to be the commodity
> > manufacturer.
> I think the point people are trying to make here is that up until the
> time of the IBM PC - what has come to be known as the x86 architecture
> - there *was* no commodity manufacturer, and the appearance of one was
> not guaranteed.

There were dozens of commidity manufacturers - Acorn had the BBC, for
example, specifically designed to be a budget machine, but still had all
the frills.

Im fairly sure a standard would have been reached even without X86
taking over. In fact, most of the machines of the day shared in common
similar designs. There were hundreds of 6502, z8x etc. based machines,
all using similar IO chips.

I see your point though.
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