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> On Thu, Oct 17, 2002 at 10:25:47PM +0100, Matthew Gibbons wrote:
> > Actually, I would contest that. The 386 that Linus bought - the one he
> > started to write Linux on - cost him and arm and a leg. IIRC, it was
> > somewhere in the region of $3,000, which is about the equivalent of
> > now.
> >
> > PCs are cheap because they are built from commodity hardware, which
> > that way because IBM 'opened' the architecture to the industry. Apple
> > did that, so they are still expensive. Incidentally, Apple are now
> > to use more and more commodity components and less proprietary ones, so
> > either they make more money, or the price will come down. Hmm.
> Top posting is bad netiquette as you have to jump around the screen to
> read things in order.
Sorry. Point taken.

> Now on to your disagreement. Forget absolute price back then. Relative
> price is what we are talking about. Linus said the 386 was all he could
> afford. Also, he wrote the kernel, as he also stated, as a means of
> learning, by trial and error, exactly how this new architecture worked.
> He had all the specs he could get, then began writing a kernel simply for
> the purpose of knocking around with how it truly played out in his new
> system. Therefore, Linux wouldn't exist as we know it if x86 wasn't
> cheap. He didn't start to write a POSIX compliant Unix-like kernel for
> the purpose of creating a Unix-similar OS. He just wanted to play with
> his shiny new toy. It obviously evolved. :)
The real question is, would Linux have existed if Minix had been better?

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