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> Ok, so that machine is not /quite/ released yet (although unlike its
> competition, it looks like it might actually GET released...)
> Castle seem loathe to put prices on their site, but I can promise you
> the other machines there are available.

What kind of specs are these?

A7000+ Odyssey Computer
	56MHz 32bit 7500FE ARM Processor
	Acorn Floating Point Accelerator
	8Mb on board
	72 pin EDO SIMM Socket
	8 Channel, 16bit Stereo Digital Sound
	3.5mm Jack socket output
	Internal Speaker
	Dedicated network slot
	16bit EASI slot (backplane required)

Is this a NEW computer?  I don't know how much the prices translate to
in US
dollars, but I hope they are not more then $150!  I am not familiar with
ARM processors, however at 56 MHz with 8Mb of ram, I think the
I have can out perfom this one. : )

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