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> > Ok, so that machine is not /quite/ released yet (although unlike its
> > competition, it looks like it might actually GET released...)
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> > Castle seem loathe to put prices on their site, but I can promise
> > you the other machines there are available.
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> What kind of specs are these?
> A7000+ Odyssey Computer

Well, you sorta picked the lowest spec there...

> Is this a NEW computer?  I don't know how much the prices translate to
> in US
dollars, but I hope they are not more then $150!  I am not
> familiar with the ARM processors, however at 56 MHz with 8Mb of ram, I
> think the calculator I have can out perfom this one. : )

Actually, the A7000+ is an OK performer - its no games machine, but
it'll do better desktop publishing than a PC with 10 times its spec.

The RISC PC is the current 'top end'. Its a 6 year old design, but has
dual cpu slots (1 ARM, 1 X86) and can be had in up to 300MHz versions
with 64MB 'L2 cache'. The X86 cards top out at 166MHz 586 (not pentium,
which has a 64 bit databus).

The new machines promise to take us beyond 1GHz with DDR RAM etc.

As my 33MHz ARM3 based machine is STILL consistently useful, I expect
the 1GHz XScale based ones should be crackin' good boxes.

the machine from castle has a mobo that has some better features than
most PC mobos - 64 bit 66MHz PCI, for example.

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