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> Jeez that's cool. 

Thats why I still have mine after 15 years, wheras I sold my first PC
about 3 years after I bought it (and bought another one). I use my PC
for CPU muscle, the Acorn for real work ;-)

> it sounds like a REALLY nicely designed arcihtecture, and
> some REALLY damn good asm programming. :D


> Anything that can render a whole GUI of AA fonts entirely in software,
> with no cache, at 8MHz (!!!) has my seal of approval. :)
> I want one!

You can pick the older machines up for peanuts nowadays.

people are (literally) giving away the Archimedes series (and parts). I
got an A540 (the best Archimedes, give or take) with ARM3 and 4MB RAM
for FREE (minor fault, easily fixed), and upgraded it to 16MB with SCSI,
ether, PC copro and colourcard (better video) for about 50ukp.

Avoid the A4000, A3xxx range and the A3xx series. Upgrading them is
tricky, and they are dog slow.

The A4xx rage are ok, the A4xx/1 are great, the A540 is a god (and
scarcer, as well as having 12, rather than 8MHz memory).

If you want to pay a touch more, the A7000+ or RiscPC ranges are quite
cheap, and still run current versions of RISC OS (and the RPC can run
Linux too).

Save an Archimedes from the bin today! (you wont regret it)
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