Athlon XP Motherboard

Ben benhoskings at
Mon Oct 21 04:38:36 PDT 2002

I had nothing but trouble with two consecutive Tyan Tigers. The first 
one wouldn't even POST, and the second one rendomly wouldn't advance 
past the POST screen.
At the risk of being flame-bait, I think the Tyan Tigers are rubbish, 
and I'd stay away from them :D
I've heard this on several forums too.. One bloke who built a large 
number of them had a whole set of the boards fail on him within a minth 
of installation.

I'm running a P4 Gigabyte board, the 8IEXP. It's absolutely fantastic - 
not a single trouble with it, and a great overclocker.

Hole this helps :D

Chris Lingard wrote:
> Adam Mercer wrote:
>>My PIII system has finally given up after nearly 4 years so it's time
>>for a new system. Can anyone recommend a good solid, stable board for an
>>Athlon XP? Idealy I want a nice basic board with no bells and whistles
>>like a smart card reader, bluetooth and such things that these
>>manufactors seem to be putting on bords these days.
> The best is the Tyan Tiger MP, it is a dual processor board
> I have been trying to buy a machine based on this for a while; but
> no supplier does this motherboard.
> Chris

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