Oh, FYI...

Ian Molton spyro at f2s.com
Mon Oct 21 19:22:35 PDT 2002

One lesson learned, which people may find useful...

libtool gets REALLY upset if you are lazy about setting your --prefix=

it does NOT consider /usr/gnome and /usr/gnome/ to be the same prefix.

this can be quite a sod, as it will work for soe things and not others,
and if you even get one packages --prefix wrong, and it happens to be a
library, the mistake with propagate into doesns of *.la files and REALLY
bugger things up.

fortunately, you can simply edit the .la files, but make SURE you get
all of them.

Oh, and db-4 isnt fully compatible with db-3, as I found out at the cost
of recompiling bits of gnome-libs and something else gnomey. dont try
symlinking it, kids!
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