Ben benhoskings at
Tue Oct 22 06:32:24 PDT 2002

Joe Morris wrote:
> IM> Now I start sylpheed and find I hav 666 emails to download, and I
> think
> IM> to myself, 'Hmm. that really says it all...'
> Yeah, I've found that a good priest can usually take care of the problem
> :) I've noticed some odd random glitches on my new Athlon box as well.
> Once XMMS said that I didn't have permissions to my sound card, and then
> by clicking 'play' again it worked (?). Also I noticed that it failed to
> compile the kernel once (just a random gcc failure). So, thinking that
> my new system was plagued by some odd hardware problem, I ran xmms, two
> compiles (each using make's -j2 switch), glxgears, and tuxracer
> simultaneously while going about my regular business for ~20-25 minutes.
> Not a single hiccup. I even ran the cpuburn program for about 10-15
> minutes during that time. It is the random unexplained things that bug
> me :)
> Joe

Get Prime95 and leave it running for 24 hours. If that works without an 
error or warning, it's pretty safe to say your system's fine : )

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