Joe Morris heartboy at
Tue Oct 22 09:56:57 PDT 2002

IM> Number of fans is irrelevant. I've seen people with 5 case fans get
IM> airflow than me with only 1 (and the PSU).

IM> what temperature does your CPU reach? Athlons are often unstable
IM> 60 degrees C.

IM> you can use lmsensors to find out.

I've got it set so that the system will shut down if CPU temp gets above
50 C. Right now I'm trying kernel 2.4.19 with pre-empt. I've been
running 3 threads of prime95 for about 45 minutes now with no problems,
though each thread does not take more than 8% of the cpu with this
kernel (though my continuous kernel compile takes 33%). XMMS still
complains once in a while about not being able to access the sound card,
but mp3blaster made no such complaints (XMMS bug, or wierd glitch? It is
pretty easy to reproduce under load). I tried running memtest86, but
never got any problems.
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