Joe Morris heartboy at
Tue Oct 22 10:49:25 PDT 2002

IM> Try without pre-empt. its known to have stability problems.
There is a slight misunderstanding. When I ran all the tests that
failed, I wasn't using a kernel with pre-empt. I then retried all the
tests with pre-empt, and had no problems with it.

>> I've
>> been running 3 threads of prime95 for about 45 minutes now with no
>> problems, though each thread does not take more than 8% of the cpu
>> with this kernel

IM> Run a few more then...

IM> is this an SMP box or something? my CPU goes up to 100% for most of
IM> kernel compile...
SMP? I wish :)

IM> something is awry. is your HDD running at full speed? 
I don't know, how do I check? I've got DMA-by-default support in the

IM> I think this is unrelated. is the soundcard loaded as a module? is
IM> getting removed by something? devfs? makedev?

It is compiled in, I don't like having too many modules hanging around.

I just switched back from my pre-empt kernel. All but one thread has
failed with "FATAL ERROR: reading from temp file". I also changed from
"Turbo" mode to "Normal" in the BIOS. I think I forgot to mention that
overnight I ran glxgears, XMMS, cpuburn, and a kernel compile. The
compile was still going on just fine, XMMS complained about not being
able to access the sound card, the burnMMX test of cpuburn failed once,
and glxgears, while still running, stopped redrawing the gears (they
weren't moving anymore).
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