Joe Morris heartboy at
Tue Oct 22 12:46:57 PDT 2002

Hold on a sec, something is wrong with lm_sensors. Now I get -7C (no, I
did not try some new radical cooling method).
Output of lsmod:

Module                  Size  Used by    Not tainted
adm1021                 6520   0 (unused)
it87                   11140   0 (unused)
eeprom                  3988   0 (unused)
i2c-isa                 1256   0 (unused)
i2c-proc                7248   0 [adm1021 it87 eeprom]
i2c-dev                 4740   0
i2c-viapro              4144   0
i2c-core               13540   0 [adm1021 it87 eeprom i2c-isa i2c-proc
i2c-dev i2c-viapro]

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