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> Can we *please* avoid the LFS community mailinglists becomming like the
> IRC server?

You don't have many friends, do you?
Can't you be just a little forgiving?
Can't you read good intensions in others answers?


Do I feel lucky today?


I don't understand this thing you guys have with heat.

In my country you get 40ºC(104ºF) in the summer and 5ºC(41ºF) in the winter
is already considered a very cold day.
This last summer I made a full LFS build from a script including ch.5 in
parallel and it took the usual 4 hours. The tower was closed and standing
beside a closed glass door getting direct sunlight. It has one lousy little
I was like the world first saw me, swetting in that closed room.
Near the end I took the cover off and touched the CPU. It was colder than the

Now, most of you guys live north of me (Portugal), in colder places, yet you
get all this kinds of trouble with heat...
Are the machines of a different making? I mean, are the southern computers
made different because of the environment? If so, please consider buying a
machine made for (not in) Brazil, India or Afghanistan (be carefull with this
last ones, 'cause they might be in-BIOS infected with viruses).


I do!

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