Jochen Schröder jschrod at
Tue Oct 22 15:41:05 PDT 2002

Joe Morris wrote:
> IM> I read where you say LM sensors read negative. either Jochen is
> right
> IM> about the diode/resistor thing, or one of the sensors is not
> connected /
> IM> floating.
> IM> you could always stick a good old fashioned temperature sensor in
> there
> IM> - a thermometer! :)
> IM> in any case, I'd try to look for ways to improve your airflow.
> I finally got it to read above 0, but I don't think 25C idle is
> accurate. It will climb up to ~55 under load, however.
> Joe
Well you either have a real cool cpu, or maybe your settings aren't 
right yet ;-). Have a look at
to find out what chip reads out your temperature, then you can have a 
look at to find out if exactly that 
chip is supported. You might also want to try and get the datasheet for 
that chip, then you can configure the sensors readout in sensors.conf 
(normaly in /etc)

BTW I don't think that temperatures over 60 C make the newer athlons 
unstable, mine is running at ~67C idle and more then 70C under load and 
I know several other people who have athlons getting to temps over 60C 
under heavy load. I remember reading someting of the critical 
temperature being around 95C, but as I said before the temperature 
readings are really inaccurate if they are not measured on die anyway.
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